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Exeter House

Set on an expansive five-acre block in the beautiful Southern Highlands, this Exeter home designed by Archebiosis Architects and built by KELA Building Group sits harmoniously within its natural surrounds.

The clients wanted a brand-new family home that would mix traditional farmhouse style with contemporary architecture. With this in mind, Archebiosis Architects created a design reminiscent of an English village, where four separate buildings combine to create a dwelling of distinction. The beautifully glazed corridors act as bridges between the living spaces, allowing the family to enjoy the spectacular landscape from all aspects.

Located east-west to maximise northern exposure, the central pavilion houses the light-filled kitchen, living and dining area, as well as the kids’ bedrooms. The main bedroom, which is located in the east building for optimum privacy, features a walk-in wardrobe, en suite, and a parent’s relaxation zone, while the building in the west includes the kid’s play room, music room and guest room. To the south, a large double-car garage, spacious laundry and mud room ensure there is plenty of space for tackling housework and messy projects.

With an array of eco-friendly features, the property utilises a passive solar design, as well as a 112kL rainwater tank, solar panel system, and two dams, which help with garden irrigation.


  • Concept design
  • Development application
  • Construction certificates
  • Construction documentation
  • Construction phase assistance
  • 3D modelling





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